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# Name Lvl/RR/GR

Serverul este in Beta testing urmand sa anuntam in curand data lansarii oficiale.
Posted by PRO Staff, on 04/01/2014

We bring you Season 3 Episode 1 nearly bugless, with all features working and with hundreds of custom modifications :

  • Mercenaries, created to aid the player in combat: use /mob 1, /mob 2 and so on. It requires Jewels of Chaos and some Zen.
  • Over 30 new monsters and NPCs.
  • No speed bug!
  • 2 New jewels ! One for improving the level of rings / pendants and one for adding Excellent Options on items (Up to a maximum of 3).
  • Golden Archer is working! You can gather Rena in the Rena_Event map, by killing Rena Boss. Bring the archer at least 5 and you will be rewarded with an Excellent Item.
  • Custom quests.
  • New "Carnage" event.
  • Working Cash Shop. Press X in-game to access it.
  • PK Clear NPC. Costs 1 Chaos + 1kk Zen for each level of Murderer.
  • "Mystical Soldier" event.
  • "Thunder" mob, wandering around the world. Drops Jewel for adding Excellent Options.
  • "Fortune Pouch" mob, wandering around the world. Gives out random jewels.
  • BC/DS experience and drops doubled.
  • "Lottery NPC", where you can buy random weapons.
  • Chaos Castle rewards a card for increasing the Chaos Machine rate.
  • Minimap: Press Tab for On/Off.
  • New 3D Camera: F7 to turn it on and then drag the mouse. F9 to make it back to normal.

  • Blood Castle: Every 2 Hours
  • Devil Square: Every 3 Hours
  • Chaos Castle: Every 4 Hours
  • White Wizard Invasion: Every 3 Hours
  • Ilusion Temple: Every 2 Hours
  • Golden Monsters Invasion: Every 2 Hours
  • Kundun Boss Event: Every 6 Hours
  • NightMare Event: Every 24 Hours
  • Crywolf Event: Every 24 Hours
  • Castle Siege: Saturday 18:00 GTM+2 Server Time

  • [Unique Events]
  • New Trivia Event System.
  • New Scrabble Event System.
  • New Drop Event System.
  • New Happy Hour Event.
  • New Boss AttacK Event.

  • ...and plenty more stuff for you to discover.
    Posted by PRO Staff, on 28/01/2013

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